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Name:The Starlight Prompt Challenge
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A weekly writing and creativity challenge with prompts.
  • Writing of all ratings is accepted. Please rate your writing appropriately, and include appropriate content warnings, if needed.

  • Fic ratings are to be equivalent to AO3's:

    G: General
    T: Teen
    M: Mature
    E: Explicit

  • Please feel free to post a response to any past prompt. However, for earning of badges, your response to that week's prompt will need to be posted by Sunday midnight, United States eastern standard time (UTC -5).

  • Each prompt is open to interpretation by the author or artist. Feel free to allow the prompt to take you where it will.

  • Word count minimum is 500 words.

  • Please use the following header for each piece of writing posted:

  • In the subject line, please use the following format:

    Prompt# | Title | Author | Fandom

    This is to keep things organized and on track in the community.

  • Please use a cut below the header to keep the community's recent entries page looking neat. You can use a false cut and link to your journal or to AO3, if you wish.

  • Make sure to use a fandom tag and your author tag when you post. E.g.:

    fandom: star trek tos
    author: martienne17

  • Badges will be earned at various intervals as you continue to post weekly. Details on this will are coming soon.


What sort of content is allowed?

Fanfiction and original writing are accepted, as well as artworks and other creative works. Basically, if it's a response to the prompt, it's allowed.

Do I need to be a member to post?

Yes, you need to join the community to be able to post here. Please subscribe as well to keep up when new prompts are posted.

How do I make a cut? How do I make a false cut?

The most reliable way to make a cut is to use the HTML editor and use the <cut> tag right before the text you want under the cut. Alternatively, you can add a string of words people will see when they go to click on the cut, like so: <cut text="Write what you want here">

A false cut is simply a link to wherever you placed the bulk of your post. Copy the URL of the post in the address bar of your browser and insert the false cut like so:

<a href=>Whatever text you want linked</a>

Can I comment on other people's posts?

Please do, especially if you have something encouraging to say about their work. Part of the reason for these sort of comms is to increase engagement and readership, as well as giving people a place to be inspired.

Community Icons

Feel free to take and use these on your posts, if you wish.

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